Monday, 16 November 2009

New Track, New Video (I'm Doing It)

The said it couldn't be done! They said the idea was madness! They said there was no way we could write, record, mix, master, shoot a video and edit it all in one week! They were right...But it only took us two weeks (The editing the video took a bit longer than I thought it would).

So here's how it started. I was on the way back from some Halloween fair with my girl and my kids and I was talking about how my new EP's (Before I Was Famous, Civil Unrest) weren't gonna be out till Feb 2010 and the whole long process of getting tracks to the public was beginning to frustrate me. I was listening to one of my old freestyles and thought about shooting a little video for it when I had a better Idea! I was gonna use the first original beat I found on my iTunes, write to it and put it out.

As soon as we got home I turned on my (my girls) laptop and typed "Genesis Elijah" and then "Beats". A Rich West beat called "Influence" came up. That was gonna be my new track. I put it on my iPod and started writing. I finished writing the track that night (Sat Oct 31st) and recorded it at Ahmos' on Monday (Nov 2nd), I then sent it to Rich West to get mixed and mastered that night. I hollered at Joshua Dadson and we shot the video in Brixton the following Saturday (Nov 7th). It was that simple.

So here it is. My first solo track this year is actually the last track (The 38th this year) I recorded. Check out the video and download the track. It was a stressful process but a lot of fun too. Big shout to Rich West for all the hours (About 10000) he put in to mixing this track and a big shout to Joshua Dadson on filming and editing the whole thing in such a short amount of time while having me hound him on the phone 24/7.

This is my re-introduction...

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