Monday, 16 November 2009

New Track, New Video (I'm Doing It)

The said it couldn't be done! They said the idea was madness! They said there was no way we could write, record, mix, master, shoot a video and edit it all in one week! They were right...But it only took us two weeks (The editing the video took a bit longer than I thought it would).

So here's how it started. I was on the way back from some Halloween fair with my girl and my kids and I was talking about how my new EP's (Before I Was Famous, Civil Unrest) weren't gonna be out till Feb 2010 and the whole long process of getting tracks to the public was beginning to frustrate me. I was listening to one of my old freestyles and thought about shooting a little video for it when I had a better Idea! I was gonna use the first original beat I found on my iTunes, write to it and put it out.

As soon as we got home I turned on my (my girls) laptop and typed "Genesis Elijah" and then "Beats". A Rich West beat called "Influence" came up. That was gonna be my new track. I put it on my iPod and started writing. I finished writing the track that night (Sat Oct 31st) and recorded it at Ahmos' on Monday (Nov 2nd), I then sent it to Rich West to get mixed and mastered that night. I hollered at Joshua Dadson and we shot the video in Brixton the following Saturday (Nov 7th). It was that simple.

So here it is. My first solo track this year is actually the last track (The 38th this year) I recorded. Check out the video and download the track. It was a stressful process but a lot of fun too. Big shout to Rich West for all the hours (About 10000) he put in to mixing this track and a big shout to Joshua Dadson on filming and editing the whole thing in such a short amount of time while having me hound him on the phone 24/7.

This is my re-introduction...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Watch What I Do...

OK I'm not really sure where this rant is going but I got a lot of things on my mind right now and I just thought I'd share it with you...

I'm at a weird place in my "career" right now and in some way's it's good and in other's it's quite a messed up situation. I have a small team behind me (Nina Carmela & Tom Sweetman) but for the most part I'm on my own in this game. I quit rapping in 2007 not because I didn't want to do it anymore but because the people I was working with were waste. I missed so many good opportunities simply because the people around me didn't want this as much as I did. My old agent Naomi Palmer (Elastic Artist) would ask me for material every week so she could get me shows and I in turn would ask my producers to mix already recorded tracks so that I could go out and make a living doing what I loved. Never happened. I got tired of banging my head against brick walls and after a while Naomi stopped calling.

I felt like I let a lot of people down then and it broke my heart to know that I was sitting on over 60 recorded tracks that the public would never hear. I don't blame the producers for not wanting what I wanted because that's human nature. We're all out here trying to look out for number one.

I explained in my facebook 'About Me' why I decided to come back and ever since then (Aug 09) I've been determined not to make the same mistakes I made last time. I'm not relying on people anymore and I understand that my success is my responsibility. Watch what I do.

I've got a lot of competition in 2010. A lot of talented artist have got releases planned and they've got a lot more backing than I have right now. I may not be able to compete with them financially but they'll never out hustle me. I'm not quitting this time and I'm not taking no for an answer. Speaking of Answer (the DJ) we planned a mixtape called 'Kick In The Door' a few years ago but it never came out. The phrase 'Kick in the door' is how I feel right now. I'm not waiting anymore and I'm not giving anymore excuses. I'm cutting dead weight and I'm not giving any wastemen second chances. I've had enough of thinking about where I COULD of been if this happened or that happened and I'm gonna find out what happens when I put all my energy in to taking over this game.

I've got two EP's coming out in Jan/Feb '10 and a UK tour starting in Feb '10. I've been working with Beezwax & The Krate Krusaders on these EP's and we're putting these out ourselves with no label backing. Beezwax & The Krate Krusaders are going hard with the promotion and distribution on these releases but until they're released It's just me and Nina trying to raise my profile so that when they do come out people know who I am.

I've already put out a little freestyle on Genesis Elijah TV which has had a wicked response and amazing support. My next step is a little hood video for my track 'I'm Doing It'.

I say all that to say this. I can't do this without you. You the fan, you the listener, you the supporter. I appreciate all the support you guys give me and I won't let you down. Watch what I do!

It's funny cos when I dropped out the game a lot of people stopped calling but a few heads always checked for me. People like Tricksta & Late, Jabba Tha Kut, Joker Starr and most of all Nina Carmela who always believed in me and still believes in me.

It's funny cos when I decided to get back on it I hollered at a few producers and got air or some bullshit that they were too busy. A lot of people wrote me off and now that they're seeing my name buzzing again they wanna know if I need beats! Fools.

I wanna thank all my real supporters because I do this for you. I see every time you retweet my tweets on twitter or share my links on facebook and it means the world to me. This is my life and by promoting my music you are literally allowing me to live. I'm not gonna predict how my comeback is gonna go but I will say this...Watch what I do!

Peace & Love


Monday, 26 October 2009


Download the new Hip Hop Hype Dog compilation mixtape for free right now!

Check the Hip Hop Hype Dog blog for the download: HIPHOPHYPEDOGG/BLOGSPOT

Saturday, 17 October 2009

NEW TRACK (17th October 2009)

I'm on my game right now! I got the beat on Friday, wrote the track on the way to the studio and here it is for your listening pleasure.

You may of heard my other "Bootleg Remixes" and this is my latest one. It's over the new Jason Derulo track "Whatcha Say".

Check it out

Friday, 11 September 2009

Fools Gold: The Ca$h For Gold Scam

I'm sure you seen these "Cash for gold" adverts right? They want you to give your old and unwanted gold jewelry in exchange for money. Sounds good right? WRONG!!

Right now we are in a IMF, World Bank orchestrated economic down turn. Inflation is rendering our money worthless and the high street banks are tightening their grips on what they've lent and what they're giving out.

I'm not going to go in to the details of why our paper money is really worthless and why most of the money the banks say they have doesn't exist if you don't already know please read The Money Illusion or one of the many books that have been written on the subject.

Let me explain the problem as simply as I can. Cash is fake (It's just a promissory note) and gold is real. If we all give our gold (or silver) away then what will we have when the value of (The fake) money goes down (Which is a real possibility) to a point where it's worth nothing? The answer is nothing.

And what are these companies doing with all our gold? There selling it to the banks for more than they're giving us for it! How do you think they afford to run these adverts all day long on every channel?

So why are the banks buying it? Because they know what the financial future holds as they are the one's who decide what the exchange rate's will be and how much their fake paper money is worth. They're stocking up so that when the shit hits the fan they're gonna be the only ones with anything real.

The new world order is here and these are just small steps to make sure it stays.

This is just one item on a whole list of underhanded maneuvers that the people who are supposed to protect us do right in front of our faces. We need to wake up and stay aware because if we don't the limited freedom we have will be gone before we realise.

Stay up


Monday, 7 September 2009

Genesis' Generosity Continues...Download The Deh Pon Road Album Free

So this is where it all started. This was my introduction to the Hip-Hop scene. With the help of Klashnekoff, Kyza, Skriblah, Skinnyman, Supar Nova, Nasser, Ahmos & Wordsmith the name "Genesis Elijah" was thrust into the UK Hip-Hop limelight.

This was the front cover. It featured AC, Terra Slim, Dubbledge, Deadly Avenger and my mate Delroy. DJ Whitecoat was also on it but was airbrushed out cos he was wearing white and it looked a bit weird...Sorry bruv.

This is a pic we used for the CD inlay. I think Keira was about 4 months at the time.....She's almost 6 now!

The "So Hip-Hop" video shoot was jokes! I'm not sure what me and Ahmos were doing here but we seem to be having a good time. In this pic we got (left to right) Richard West aka Neehi who made the beat, Me, AC, Street Philosopher, Ahmos, Dubbledge, Answer & Gramma Charlie.

The girl schooling the guy is a rapper called Shakespeare, she featured on AC & Terra's "Human Trash" mixtape. The guy is my cousin Joshua.

Tom the director put this whole thing together. I think it came out pretty good.

The brea getting boyed off is Neehi! I had him wear my hat and T-Shirt. Too funny!

This was one of the last scenes. In this pic we got me, Dubbledge, Terra Slim, Answer (Almost looking hard!) & Gramma Charlie.

Tom takes the last shots before we duck out. Me and my girl agued all the way home cos she wanted to be in the video and the director didn't ask her to.

For more details on the album please check my earlier blog "Deh Pon Road Revisited". If you got this already thats cool but if you've never heard it please take this opportunity to give it a listen and see what all the fuss was about.



Thursday, 3 September 2009

Download Genesis Elijah & Plump DJ's Track

OK here's what I want you to do. Listen to this track while keeping in mind that it was written and recorded in 2005, then compare it with what people are doing right now then tell me I'm not ahead of my time.

Back when my name was just starting to blow up I got a call saying that this Electro group Plump DJ's wanted me on a track. I'd never heard of them but those in the know told me that they were the one of the biggest acts in their scene and that I should definitely do it. So I did.

The thing is after I did it they must of realised they didn't like it and I never got a call to even say they weren't gonna use it.

I played it to a few people (Including LTJ Bukem) and they thought it was pretty good so I figured why not let the fans decide if it's good or not.

So once again check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you people


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Download The Industrial Revolution Mixtape For Free!!!

Like I've been saying EVERYTHING MUST GO!! It's a Genesis Elijah fire sale right now! See I got a lot of new material on the way but before it drops I need to get all my all stuff out there.

The Industrial Revolution was released way back in 2006 and was actually my last solo release. It got quite a lot of air play on 1Xtra, Kiss 100 & Choice and featured Sway, Jokerstarr, Dubbledge, Tom Gist (Dip Set), & Wordsmith. We shot a video for it which was aired on Channel U.

I didn't really put the CD into too many shops because the truth is I was making too much money selling it on the street. I sold em on the street for between £3-£5 and in over a year and a half period I sold over 15,000 (Do the math). This was really the concept behind the mixtape because what I was trying to show is that I didn't need the mainstream industry to become a success in the music scene.

So here it is, my hard work uploaded for your listening pleasure...


Please download it and pass it around to your friends or anyone you think will like it. I'm gonna put my first release Deh Pon Road up as soon as I find a copy of it but until then please check my earlier blogs for more free tracks.

Blessings family


Monday, 31 August 2009

Knice Day Track feat Akala, Bashy, Lowkey, Killa Kella....

Earlier this year you might have seen a advert on MTV for the Knice Day project featuring Ras Kwame, Akala & Bashy and if you watched really carefully and didn't blink than you might of seen me too.

The Knice Day project was a anti knife crime movement and they enlisted a whole load of artist including me the big G.E. to spit a 16. The track features me, Akala, Bashy, Double S, Duchy, Fusion, Khiza, Killa Kella, Lowkey, Ras Kwame, Wretch32, Spoonface, Suman, Spider J and maybe a few others.

I,m not sure if they're still going forward with the project but I know the track didn't get pushed enough. I thought some of you might like to here the full version so here it is.

Download and let me know what you think.



Raiders Of The Lost iPod Teaser Part 2

Ah man just found this old freestyle track on my old iPod so I thought I'd let you hear it. It's gonna be on the Raiders Of The Lost iPod Mixtape which will be out very soon.

Just listening to it takes me back to my very first time in the 1Xtra studio. The year was 2005 and I was so excited just to be in the building. It was the DJ Excalibah show and I was his guest along with Akala & Tor. We did a couple of freestyles and took some photo's and even though I've done a lot of other radio shows since than one stands out because it was the first time I felt like I was on my way.

It's wierd looking back to that time because the game has changed so much. But the fact is I'm still here and God willing I'm gonna be up in this piece for a little while longer. I definitely need to shout out DJ Excalibah for being the first DJ to play my stuff on national radio and really getting my name out there. Thanks a lot bruv.

This track was recorded over the game beat and got a crazy reception when it was first aired. Like I said it will be featured on the Raiders Of The Lost iPod Mixtape along with a few over lost gems. Please download and enjoy.



Friday, 28 August 2009

Raiders Of The Lost iPod Teaser

Remember how I said I was gonna do a mixtape with some of my old unreleased stuff? No? Well I said it! Listen next time!

Anyway I've put it all together and because I found over 40 songs I've had to split it in to two mixtapes.

So this is a little suttin' from the first volume of Raiders Of The Lost iPod. It was recorded for Tricksta's UK Runnings mixtape a few years ago over a T-Pain (Listen first then judge!) instrumental.

Download it and let me know what you think



Monday, 24 August 2009

Tell Em Why You Mad Son! (The X-Factor Rant)

OK so I mentioned this on on Saturday
but let me elaborate.

The X-Factor is a load of boll*cks. It's absolute garbage and let me
tell you why. Everyones going on about that gay teacher guy like he's
something special when in reallity he's average at best. Now I'm not
hating on him cos it's not his fault. He didn't go on like he was
anything special, he just did his thing. Fair enough.

What I have problem with is how we've become such a nation of sheep.
We really can't think for ourselves anymore and shows like this just
exploit that fact. First up it's not a talent show it's a TV show and
their main concern is not talent, it's ratings. This means that even
if you're good you can get overlooked for someone who has no chance of
winning just because they think it will make better viewing. Absolute

And have you noticed how they edit this trash? As soon as someone half
decent is about to come on they change to the slow music and spew out
some b*tch-ass sob story to get you on the fools side before you've
even heard em sing! Garbage!

Now I'm not saying I don't like a good back story but what I'm saying
is that just because 50 Cent has a compelling story and Immortal
Technique's is a little less dramatic I'm not gonna dismiss Immortal
as an inferior artist. Some of these artist do have talent but doing
these shows isn't the best way to go about getting that talent out

Even the acts that do make it all the way hardly ever make it big,
why? Because the real music lovers that go out and BUY music and go to
concerts don't respect this shit. On last years X-Factor they had the
guy who won it before Leona Lewis (More on her later) and I could of
passed this prick in the street and not know him, why? Because as soon
as he'd won and they rolled the credits I forgot all about the fool! X-
Factor my #%£+!

So what about the winners who made it big? Well to be honest it's only
really Leona Lewis and Girls Aloud (I don't put Lemar in the "reality
talent" catagory) that have done anything credible. That's something
to be proud of right? In the words of Charlie Murphy "WRONG!!"
Leona's a good singer and she looks good.....Damn good, but that's
where it ends. As for girls aloud.....They look good. Some better than
others. To me their success is only reletive to the amount of
publicity they got from the show. Think about it! The recent success
of Girls Aloud is almost exclusively down the fact that Cheryl got
cheated on and was in the public eye constantly and that mixed with
the fact that girls like the way they dress and look. It has nothing
to do with talent.

This takes me nicely to the final part of my rant. Most people that go
for these shows are absolute retards! I said "most". I know alot of
people who went for the show and these people differ from the norm
because of one reason: They love music! Most of these pricks when
asked what their dream is reply "To sell millions of records" or "To
sell out stadiums". What they're saying in essance is that they just
want to be famous. What happened to wanting to make good music?! None
of em say this because they don't love it like people with real talent
and a passion for music do.

The fact if the matter is The X-Factor is just bit of fun and the only
place most of the winners will ever perform is the X-Factor tour. And
why is that? Because people who respect good music pay no attention to
that manufactured bullsh*t. I'm not telling you not to watch the show,
all I'm saying is don't call/message/comment me chatting sh*t about
how you saw this amazing act on X-factor when you know full well you
would never buy this fools music or spend money to go to his concert.

End rant.


Deh Pon Road Revisited

Ok about five years ago I released a CD called Deh Pon Road. It was a
compilation of tracks I'd done a few years before and featured a few
other well known artist.

Anyway I was just listening to it on the was to ASDA and I have to say
it ain't that bad. I sound like I'm about 10 and the timing and
delivery on some of the tracks is pretty shabby but lyrically it's got
some fire on in!

I swear I don't write like that now! Now days alot more thought goes
in to what I say but technically it ain't put together in the pain
staking way (Sorry I'm in ASDA and Corinne has just told me that she's
gonna start cooking! If you know her you'll know why this is
hillarious!) I used to do it.

Times have changed though. I've gone from having nothing to do but
write lyrics to having two kids a few businesses and a ton of bills to
pay so for the most part writting rhymes is never high on my list of

Another thing that's changed is my surroundings. I'm no longer
surrounded by rappers. Back in the day it would be me, Wordsmith,
Ahmos, AC & Terra and anyone else who decided to pass through Tom
Caurana's studio. We'd all be trying to out shine each other and it
brought out the best in all of us.

Something else that has definetly changed is the frequency that I
write. Before I would write all day and sometimes all night. It was
nothing to write five songs in a day and the only time I wasn't
writing was when I was recording. Now if I write a verse a week these
days I feel like I'm on a roll!

I ain't saying I ain't as hot as I used to be, far from it. If I
battled old Genesis I'd kill him in eight bars but what I am saying is
I think I need to get a little bit of that fire back.

After I lost all my lyrics last week I decided that when I rewrote
what I'd lost I'd make sure that it smashed what I'd writen before. So
that's my aim. I wanna be able to look back on what I'm writing now
and be like "DAMN!, I was spitting fire back then"


Up To Speed

OK so this is my first blog on this site. It's been a while since I updated you lot but on the real I've been real busy. So what's new? Erm....I had a bit of a set back on the Beezwax project. My daughter broke my iPod that had all my lyrics on it so that's set us back a few weeks. Long.

I've finished my EP with Jonny Simps so look out for "From the Bottom of My Heart" real soon. He's in India at the moment putting the finishing touches on the production and mixing it down.

So what else is going on? I'm still working on projects with Jabba Tha Kut, Tien Killobeat & Cheebo plus I'm still waiting for Neehi to finish mixing The Re-Introduction EP (Remeber the one I told you I recorded at the start of this year?)

I'm also gonna be part of a 30+ date UK tour that's gonna start around next Feb. I'll give you more news on that as and when I get it.

So that's it for this blog. If you wanna holla you know where to find me:, &,genesiselijah.

Have a good one people.


PS. Check