Monday, 24 August 2009

Tell Em Why You Mad Son! (The X-Factor Rant)

OK so I mentioned this on on Saturday
but let me elaborate.

The X-Factor is a load of boll*cks. It's absolute garbage and let me
tell you why. Everyones going on about that gay teacher guy like he's
something special when in reallity he's average at best. Now I'm not
hating on him cos it's not his fault. He didn't go on like he was
anything special, he just did his thing. Fair enough.

What I have problem with is how we've become such a nation of sheep.
We really can't think for ourselves anymore and shows like this just
exploit that fact. First up it's not a talent show it's a TV show and
their main concern is not talent, it's ratings. This means that even
if you're good you can get overlooked for someone who has no chance of
winning just because they think it will make better viewing. Absolute

And have you noticed how they edit this trash? As soon as someone half
decent is about to come on they change to the slow music and spew out
some b*tch-ass sob story to get you on the fools side before you've
even heard em sing! Garbage!

Now I'm not saying I don't like a good back story but what I'm saying
is that just because 50 Cent has a compelling story and Immortal
Technique's is a little less dramatic I'm not gonna dismiss Immortal
as an inferior artist. Some of these artist do have talent but doing
these shows isn't the best way to go about getting that talent out

Even the acts that do make it all the way hardly ever make it big,
why? Because the real music lovers that go out and BUY music and go to
concerts don't respect this shit. On last years X-Factor they had the
guy who won it before Leona Lewis (More on her later) and I could of
passed this prick in the street and not know him, why? Because as soon
as he'd won and they rolled the credits I forgot all about the fool! X-
Factor my #%£+!

So what about the winners who made it big? Well to be honest it's only
really Leona Lewis and Girls Aloud (I don't put Lemar in the "reality
talent" catagory) that have done anything credible. That's something
to be proud of right? In the words of Charlie Murphy "WRONG!!"
Leona's a good singer and she looks good.....Damn good, but that's
where it ends. As for girls aloud.....They look good. Some better than
others. To me their success is only reletive to the amount of
publicity they got from the show. Think about it! The recent success
of Girls Aloud is almost exclusively down the fact that Cheryl got
cheated on and was in the public eye constantly and that mixed with
the fact that girls like the way they dress and look. It has nothing
to do with talent.

This takes me nicely to the final part of my rant. Most people that go
for these shows are absolute retards! I said "most". I know alot of
people who went for the show and these people differ from the norm
because of one reason: They love music! Most of these pricks when
asked what their dream is reply "To sell millions of records" or "To
sell out stadiums". What they're saying in essance is that they just
want to be famous. What happened to wanting to make good music?! None
of em say this because they don't love it like people with real talent
and a passion for music do.

The fact if the matter is The X-Factor is just bit of fun and the only
place most of the winners will ever perform is the X-Factor tour. And
why is that? Because people who respect good music pay no attention to
that manufactured bullsh*t. I'm not telling you not to watch the show,
all I'm saying is don't call/message/comment me chatting sh*t about
how you saw this amazing act on X-factor when you know full well you
would never buy this fools music or spend money to go to his concert.

End rant.



  1. Quite a rant! Haven't watched any XF this year (I never do, till the final), but agree that as far as contributing anything to music is concerned, the show is a TV show (and not a very good one), not a talent show. I didn't even know that Girls Aloud had come from it (and yes, I know nothing about GA except that Cheryl is/ was in it. And I know about *her* because I've heard of her feckless husband). Also agree that the only person to stand on talent has been Leona Lewis. Rhydian has talent, but was shafted.... I don't think I'm missing much by not watching - except that I never saw the 'gay teacher guy'...!

  2. I feel where ur coming from brother...
    The Xfactor is ok for entertainment purposes, thats about it I dont think anyone who wins or comes close to winning can ever be considered a 'real' artist tho.
    I entered spontanously and got through to the 2nd round, but it was more just a couple of fun days out cos i know deep down where i wanna go with my music and im not being told what to do,wear,sing,think.. unfortunatley we have become a nation that enjoy revelling in other peoples business and misfortune, this is the trait which allows programmes like Xfactor/big bro to thrive ..

  3. Agree with some of this but I don't agree that GA and Leona ONLY got to where they are now because of promotion. There are thousands of acts every year that fall away without making any impression even though record labels have pumped money and promotion into them for weeks / months. Sometimes the artist just doesn't connect with the audience. But GA and Leona have done and there's more to that than just the fact that they're on Tv all the time. People like them. Strongly disagree when you say GA are only successful because Cheryl got cheated on. They were big a long time before that.

    Spot on about people wanting to make good music though.