Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Vintage Genesis Elijah Footage

The year was around 2000 and a group of MC's known as the Boiler Room Collective stood at the gates of the UK Hip-Hop kingdom ready to storm the castle...Or something like that.

I have to admit this was probably the best time of my life as far as being able to make music when I wanted (I lived with producer Tom Caruana) and being around creative people. We all lived around North West London at the time and all we did was write rhymes, make tracks and perform at local events. The main Boiler Room Collective members were Tom Caruana, Drama, Teej, Ahmos, AC, Terra Slim, and Me. Overqualified ( Crucifix & Tsunami NKA Bounce) were also affiliates along with Red Master, Syntax and a few other that I can't really remember.

Anyway here's the footage...

So I guess the question is where are they all now? Well lets go through the list...

AC & Terra went on to release two albums and have sold around 50,000 copies around the UK and europe. AC and Terra Slim have since gone their separate ways and have been releasing solo projects for the last three years. Terra Slim is currently living and working with a label out it Amsterdam.

Ahmos went on to become a sound engineer and producer working with artist from all over the world. He released some tracks with Roots Manuva's label Banana Klan and is recording a album with them at the moment as well as sound engineering for various UK television channels.

Teej went to india to work with orphans and is currently a hippie...Nah jokes (The hippie part not the kids part, he really did help kids) I'm not sure what he's up to. Probably killing mics somewhere...

DR Syntax hooked up with some guy called Stig and they have pretty much been running the underground scene ever since.

Overqualified went there separate ways. Crucifix has just put out a sick EP The Cornerstone with The Krate Krusaders and Tsunami changed his name to Bounce and is currently making some banging beats.

The last time I saw Drama was in Harrow about 5 years ago. Not sure what he's up to.

And last but not least the man who made it happen Tom Caruana. He's been running Tea Sea records for the last few years and making some pretty sick music.

Oh I almost forgot about the young skinny 20 year old with the bunches in his hair they called Genesis Elijah. Well he went on to release a little album called 'Deh Pon Road' then a mixtape then...You'll have to keep checking this blog for the rest of his story.

Big shout to all The Boiler Room Collective and all the old affiliates. Thanks for the memories, 

Monday, 26 April 2010

Genesis Elijah Leaks Track From New Mixtape

Here it is as promised peeps! I would have got it up earlier but I had go ASDA this morning...Any who. This is track taken from my almost half finished mixtape 'I Ain't Even Started Bruv'. It's produced by the great Dead Man Walkin and video will be out real soon. I'm sorry to say that this will be the last FREE download I'll be putting out from this mixtape so if you want anymore freebies you'll have to get them illegally like everyone else...Or you could just buy it when it comes out. Ether way here it is. Feel free to blog it, share it, post it or just play it at full volume so everyone here's it! Blessings people! Shout to Flex at One Time Records who recorded, mixed this!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jabba Tha Kut Leaks The Genesis Elijah Track Off His Forthcoming Album

Jabba The Kut has just leaked a Genesis Elijah track off his forthcoming album 'Once Upon A Crossfade'. The track titled 'Tonight' features ex Damage star Coree Richards who is now in the group City Boy Soul.

Jabba Tha Kut's 'Once Upon A Crossfade' will be released on Infekshus Records on the 31st of May. There might even be a video for this...Until then check out the track


Monday, 12 April 2010

Genesis Elijah To Headline Hoochino Live In May

Genesis Elijah continues to prove that this is indeed his year. He's gone from retirement (of sorts) to supporting and now he's headlining.

Catch him live on the 7th of May at The Vibe Bar along side AC and DJ Boothy. Also performing on the night are DRAY DELTA & G RANGE (NO LABELS), DEFDFIRES, GUARDIANS OF THE ANCIENT WISDOM, THEATRE OF THE ABSURD (SANDMAN + BILL DAGGS), DEADFAGIN, SEEDY RON and BOBBY BANGERMAN. The night is also hosted by super producer Nutty P.

ADDRESS: VIBE BAR,Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, United Kingdom

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Genesis Elijah Featured On The New Big Cakes Preheat Mixtape

There's been a lot of hype around this release and now it's finally here. Big Cakes has been making a lot of noise on the scene and has proved himself to be one of the most prolific and consistent in the game.

Preheat is definitely a mixtape that any self respecting Hip-Hop head will want to have in their collection. It features some of the best in the scene including a killer track with Genesis Elijah.



Monday, 5 April 2010

New Logic & Genesis Elijah Track 'What We Do'

Peoples Army General Logic and affiliate Genesis Elijah have teamed up on this crazy track! Logic & Genesis Elijah are two of the most respected rappers in the UK and this track demonstrates why.

'What We Do' was recorded a while back but just goes to show how ahead of their time and ahead of the game they are!