Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ricky Gervais Endorses Genesis Elijah's New Track

It's not everyday that the Hollywood A list elite and the UK underground Hip-Hop scene cross paths but today was this day.

Ricky Gervais, who is getting ready to host the 69th Golden Globe awards next month had found himself involved in a bit of controversy again over comments made on twitter yesterday. As always his fans came to his defence and one of those fans just happened to be UK rapper Genesis Elijah.

Genesis Elijah tweeted Ricky Gervais with a quote from one of his songs saying "If you don't like what I tweet then unfollow and block" along with a link to the video of his song titled 'My Truth'

To Genesis Elijah's surprise Ricky Gervais then retweeted it to over a million of his twitter followers adding the word "Inspiring"

Genesis then messaged back saying "Hope you liked the track. Thanks" to which Ricky Gervais replied...

Genesis Elijah is now only the 31st person to be followed on twitter by Ricky Gervais.

The song 'My Truth' which features a vocal sample of Ricky Gervais has seen a massive increase in views since being shared and is now tipped to be one of Genesis Elijah's most watched videos

The song will feature on Genesis Elijah's forthcoming EP 'Painkillers & Pilkington' who's title is a nod to Karl Pilkington who along with Steven Merchant featured on The Ricky Gervais Show podcast

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Genesis Elijah & Beezwax release video for 'Bellyfull' in support for Occupy London

Originally this song was released in 2010 on their 'Civil Unrest' EP, but 'Bellyfull' feels even more relevant in light of recent events. Genesis Elijah & Beezwax have released this video in support of the Occupy London movement.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Genesis Elijah & Dead Man Walkn Release Video for 'Reign Of Fire'

Genesis Elijah releases another track from his 'I Ain't Even Charging EP'. 'Reign Of Fire' which samples Adele's 'Fire To The Rain' was produced by Dead Man Walkn has quickly become a fan favourite on the EP that has been downloaded almost 6000 times since it's release in May. The video was short earlier this yeah while Genesis Elijah was on tour in Switzerland and features many of Luzern's tourist attractions.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Genesis Elijah Joins The UK Hip-Hop Elite To Celebrate Black History Month

Unity is rare in UK Hip-Hop and positivity is even more scarce so it's big look when some of the biggest names in the scene get together to push a positive message. 'This Is Black History' features activist Jody McIntyre, MC's Logic, Big Ben, Jaja Soze, bigCAKES, Genesis Elijah, MC D, Cerose, Big Frizzle, Wordplay, Haze, USG, Rodney P and Akala. The track was produced by Last Resort and video was filmed by Global Faction. Please share and enjoy...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

*NEW VIDEO* Genesis Elijah 'Falling' feat James Blake

OK so YouTube f*cked us over but Vimeo came to save the day. This is Genesis Elijah's reworking of James Blake's already amazing song The Wilhelm Scream. After putting it out on SoundCloud last month and seeing the overwhelming reception of his version Genesis decided to give it a visual and put it up for free download. Of course we wont get the kind of views we'd normally get on YouTube because of the limiting format but that's cool with us. Please watch it, download it, share it...


 Falling feat James Blake by GenesisElijah

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brighton Days, Brighter Nights

Yeah so I had a weekend off show's and recording and stuff so my mrs took me to sunny Brighton for the weekend. I've been so many times before but mostly just for work. Anyway here are some pics...

Monday, 2 May 2011

'I Ain't Even Charging Bruv' FREE EP Up Now!!

OK so my album 'I Ain't Even Started Bruv' isn't quite ready yet so I thought I'd give you the 'I Ain't Even Charging Bruv' free EP to keep you going until it get's here.

1. Crazy World (Produced by Pastor Dutchie)
2. The King's Speech
3. Battle Cry UK (Produced by The Audible Doctor)
4. Skepta Skit
5. Matter Of Time
6. To The Grave (Produced by Architech)
7. Reign Of Fire (Produced by Dead Man Walkn)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Genesis Elijah Cancels Huddersfield Performance

I know it's short notice but I will NOT be performing at The Flow in Huddersfield as I had planned to tonight. I can assure you that I'm just as pissed off and disappointed as you and I sincerely apologise to everyone who planned to come and support me as well at the promoters.

I've never cancelled a show ever in all the time I've been doing shows but this one is really out of my hands. My driver cancelled last minute so my girlfriend agreed to step in and we had planned to let my mum look after our daughters. That would of been cool but my eldest daughter started throwing up last night and had to be taken in to hospital to be checked up on after she developed a fever. She's fine but it wouldn't be fair to let my mum look after her tonight so obviously that means my girlfriend (who was going to drive me) will have to watch her.

I'm gonna talk to the promoters to see if we can reschedule and I'll keep you all posted.

As far as tonight goes the rest of the acts SONNYJIM/ J-SIMPLE/ GEN UCHIHA/CHIEF WIGZ will all be there and you know they're going to tear it up. Please go and show your support so we can continue to build the Hip-Hop scene in Huddersfield

Sometimes real life gets in the way of what you want life to be...

Sincere apologies

Genesis Elijah

Monday, 7 March 2011

Raiders Of The Lost iPod Volume 1 Released

Over a year after Genesis Elijah first put out the idea of putting out all his old unheard, unfinished and unmixed tracks the Raiders Of The Lost iPod is finally here! While Genesis Elijah was AWOL 2006-2009 apparently he was still recording tracks but they just weren't being released. He touched on the subject on his track 'Keep Going' off the 'Before I Was Famous' album saying "Every time I went to make a tune, the producers I was working with didn't wanna produce/ so many tracks stuck on hard drives never used" and I'm gueesing he wasn't exaggeration because rumour has it that he's dug up 60 of these tracks and will be giving them away to the fans of his music.

Artwork by  Dave Mastaglio

So here's the first instalment. I have to say it's a shame some of these tracks are only seeing the light of day now because they are FIRE!. Stand out tracks being Liar Liar, As Real As It Gets and The Way We Are.
Anyway check it out and hear some of the best Genesis Elijah tracks never heard...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Genesis Elijah Has His Say On MTV Base's Best Of The Best UK MC's 2010

So last night the world of urban music was whipped in to a frenzy when some of the most influential people in the industry sat down to discuss who they thought were the best MC's of 2010. Opinions got shared, feelings got hurt, twitter went nuts and Ghetts went wild. Here's Genesis Elijah's view on the issue.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Genesis Elijah Goes Head To Head With Joell Ortiz With The Battle Cry UK Video

Genesis Elijah has had a flying start to 2011 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Fresh off the success of his Skepta 'Mike Lowery' freestyle he's back to prove he's still loyal to his Hip-Hop roots with this beats of a track. We spoke to Genesis Elijah to find out how this epic track came about.

Team GE: What's up Boss?

Genesis Elijah: Hahaha! This is stupid...

Team GE: Lol! No it's not! The people are going to want to here how this track came about! So how did it come about? How is this different from any other MC rapping over someone else's track?

GE: Well to start with, this has been done with the blessing of the original producer The Audible Doctor so this shit is official!

Team GE: How did you manage that?

GE: Well it all started when I first heard the track it just blew my mind. Joell Ortiz absolutely tore the track to pieces and I had it on repeat for about a week. No lie I did an hour gym session once and only played that song! Any long story short I left the gym found out who the producer was and sent him an email asking if I could get the beat and didn't really expect an answer but he pretty much messaged me straight back and said cool.

Team GE: Wow! OK so you already said Joell Ortiz murdered the track so why would you jump on the same beat and risk all the comparisons?

GE: Erm...I didn't really think about that to be honest. It wasn't until people started talking like it was some head to head thing on twitter and some of the forums that it even came up. I never saw it that way and to honest I don't want none of Joell! Hahaha!

Team GE: OK so who shot the video?

G.E: I hooked up with Flipbox Creative and they put the whole thing together. I told them I wanted to make sure you could tell the video was in London and they did the rest. They absolutely killed it.

Team GE: OK well I guess all we can do now is sit back and see what response it gets.

GE: Yep. Shout to Joell Ortiz for inspiring the verse, big up The Audible Doctor for giving his blessing and shout to FlipBox Creative for shooting the video. Enjoy. Peace.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Genesis Elijah Rips Into Skepta's Mike Lowery Beat

Ten day's into the year and Genesis Elijah is proving that his predictions for this year were more than just idle threats. It's looking like this is his year and he's adamant on taking over the underground scene. Skepta put up the instrumental for his 'Mike Lowery' track last night and in less than 12 hours Genesis had written, recorded and uploaded his version sending the internet in to a frenzy. After hearing the track Skepta tweeted: "SICKKK!!! Like what you did with the melody on the chorus G. Respect" and then "Listen to @ rip the  beat to shreds"

Genesis Elijah is really not playing games this year...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Video, New Drive. Watch What I Do...

Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a good holiday. There was no time for festivities over here cos in came G.E we were recording track's shooting and editing video's and getting ready to go harder than ever before. Anyway as Klashnekoff say's "Fuck the long talk" and let's start 2011 as we mean to go on. Watch what I do...