Monday, 7 March 2011

Raiders Of The Lost iPod Volume 1 Released

Over a year after Genesis Elijah first put out the idea of putting out all his old unheard, unfinished and unmixed tracks the Raiders Of The Lost iPod is finally here! While Genesis Elijah was AWOL 2006-2009 apparently he was still recording tracks but they just weren't being released. He touched on the subject on his track 'Keep Going' off the 'Before I Was Famous' album saying "Every time I went to make a tune, the producers I was working with didn't wanna produce/ so many tracks stuck on hard drives never used" and I'm gueesing he wasn't exaggeration because rumour has it that he's dug up 60 of these tracks and will be giving them away to the fans of his music.

Artwork by  Dave Mastaglio

So here's the first instalment. I have to say it's a shame some of these tracks are only seeing the light of day now because they are FIRE!. Stand out tracks being Liar Liar, As Real As It Gets and The Way We Are.
Anyway check it out and hear some of the best Genesis Elijah tracks never heard...

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