Friday, 1 April 2011

Genesis Elijah Cancels Huddersfield Performance

I know it's short notice but I will NOT be performing at The Flow in Huddersfield as I had planned to tonight. I can assure you that I'm just as pissed off and disappointed as you and I sincerely apologise to everyone who planned to come and support me as well at the promoters.

I've never cancelled a show ever in all the time I've been doing shows but this one is really out of my hands. My driver cancelled last minute so my girlfriend agreed to step in and we had planned to let my mum look after our daughters. That would of been cool but my eldest daughter started throwing up last night and had to be taken in to hospital to be checked up on after she developed a fever. She's fine but it wouldn't be fair to let my mum look after her tonight so obviously that means my girlfriend (who was going to drive me) will have to watch her.

I'm gonna talk to the promoters to see if we can reschedule and I'll keep you all posted.

As far as tonight goes the rest of the acts SONNYJIM/ J-SIMPLE/ GEN UCHIHA/CHIEF WIGZ will all be there and you know they're going to tear it up. Please go and show your support so we can continue to build the Hip-Hop scene in Huddersfield

Sometimes real life gets in the way of what you want life to be...

Sincere apologies

Genesis Elijah

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