Sunday, 30 January 2011

Genesis Elijah Goes Head To Head With Joell Ortiz With The Battle Cry UK Video

Genesis Elijah has had a flying start to 2011 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Fresh off the success of his Skepta 'Mike Lowery' freestyle he's back to prove he's still loyal to his Hip-Hop roots with this beats of a track. We spoke to Genesis Elijah to find out how this epic track came about.

Team GE: What's up Boss?

Genesis Elijah: Hahaha! This is stupid...

Team GE: Lol! No it's not! The people are going to want to here how this track came about! So how did it come about? How is this different from any other MC rapping over someone else's track?

GE: Well to start with, this has been done with the blessing of the original producer The Audible Doctor so this shit is official!

Team GE: How did you manage that?

GE: Well it all started when I first heard the track it just blew my mind. Joell Ortiz absolutely tore the track to pieces and I had it on repeat for about a week. No lie I did an hour gym session once and only played that song! Any long story short I left the gym found out who the producer was and sent him an email asking if I could get the beat and didn't really expect an answer but he pretty much messaged me straight back and said cool.

Team GE: Wow! OK so you already said Joell Ortiz murdered the track so why would you jump on the same beat and risk all the comparisons?

GE: Erm...I didn't really think about that to be honest. It wasn't until people started talking like it was some head to head thing on twitter and some of the forums that it even came up. I never saw it that way and to honest I don't want none of Joell! Hahaha!

Team GE: OK so who shot the video?

G.E: I hooked up with Flipbox Creative and they put the whole thing together. I told them I wanted to make sure you could tell the video was in London and they did the rest. They absolutely killed it.

Team GE: OK well I guess all we can do now is sit back and see what response it gets.

GE: Yep. Shout to Joell Ortiz for inspiring the verse, big up The Audible Doctor for giving his blessing and shout to FlipBox Creative for shooting the video. Enjoy. Peace.

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