Monday, 31 August 2009

Knice Day Track feat Akala, Bashy, Lowkey, Killa Kella....

Earlier this year you might have seen a advert on MTV for the Knice Day project featuring Ras Kwame, Akala & Bashy and if you watched really carefully and didn't blink than you might of seen me too.

The Knice Day project was a anti knife crime movement and they enlisted a whole load of artist including me the big G.E. to spit a 16. The track features me, Akala, Bashy, Double S, Duchy, Fusion, Khiza, Killa Kella, Lowkey, Ras Kwame, Wretch32, Spoonface, Suman, Spider J and maybe a few others.

I,m not sure if they're still going forward with the project but I know the track didn't get pushed enough. I thought some of you might like to here the full version so here it is.

Download and let me know what you think.



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