Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Download The Industrial Revolution Mixtape For Free!!!

Like I've been saying EVERYTHING MUST GO!! It's a Genesis Elijah fire sale right now! See I got a lot of new material on the way but before it drops I need to get all my all stuff out there.

The Industrial Revolution was released way back in 2006 and was actually my last solo release. It got quite a lot of air play on 1Xtra, Kiss 100 & Choice and featured Sway, Jokerstarr, Dubbledge, Tom Gist (Dip Set), & Wordsmith. We shot a video for it which was aired on Channel U.

I didn't really put the CD into too many shops because the truth is I was making too much money selling it on the street. I sold em on the street for between £3-£5 and in over a year and a half period I sold over 15,000 (Do the math). This was really the concept behind the mixtape because what I was trying to show is that I didn't need the mainstream industry to become a success in the music scene.

So here it is, my hard work uploaded for your listening pleasure...


Please download it and pass it around to your friends or anyone you think will like it. I'm gonna put my first release Deh Pon Road up as soon as I find a copy of it but until then please check my earlier blogs for more free tracks.

Blessings family


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