Monday, 24 August 2009

Deh Pon Road Revisited

Ok about five years ago I released a CD called Deh Pon Road. It was a
compilation of tracks I'd done a few years before and featured a few
other well known artist.

Anyway I was just listening to it on the was to ASDA and I have to say
it ain't that bad. I sound like I'm about 10 and the timing and
delivery on some of the tracks is pretty shabby but lyrically it's got
some fire on in!

I swear I don't write like that now! Now days alot more thought goes
in to what I say but technically it ain't put together in the pain
staking way (Sorry I'm in ASDA and Corinne has just told me that she's
gonna start cooking! If you know her you'll know why this is
hillarious!) I used to do it.

Times have changed though. I've gone from having nothing to do but
write lyrics to having two kids a few businesses and a ton of bills to
pay so for the most part writting rhymes is never high on my list of

Another thing that's changed is my surroundings. I'm no longer
surrounded by rappers. Back in the day it would be me, Wordsmith,
Ahmos, AC & Terra and anyone else who decided to pass through Tom
Caurana's studio. We'd all be trying to out shine each other and it
brought out the best in all of us.

Something else that has definetly changed is the frequency that I
write. Before I would write all day and sometimes all night. It was
nothing to write five songs in a day and the only time I wasn't
writing was when I was recording. Now if I write a verse a week these
days I feel like I'm on a roll!

I ain't saying I ain't as hot as I used to be, far from it. If I
battled old Genesis I'd kill him in eight bars but what I am saying is
I think I need to get a little bit of that fire back.

After I lost all my lyrics last week I decided that when I rewrote
what I'd lost I'd make sure that it smashed what I'd writen before. So
that's my aim. I wanna be able to look back on what I'm writing now
and be like "DAMN!, I was spitting fire back then"


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