Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Answer & Genesis: FTP Radio - 10th Year Anniversary

Right now some of you are thinking "What is he going on about?" and the rest of you are thinking "Wow has it been 10 years already?" As they say time flies when you're having fun and that's pretty much what me and Answer have been doing.

Let me drop a little background (the short version) on to how this mixtape came about. See I used to work in Virgin Megastore with Answer. Me an aspiring rapper and him an aspiring DJ who both had a passion for UK Hip-Hop decided to pool our talents and put out a mixtape.

We started to sell them at events and somehow the whole thing snow balled us into a position where we had the biggest artist in the scene giving us exclusive tracks and people coming from all over the UK to buy copies.

This was pretty much my entrance into the world of UK Hip-Hop and I'll always look back at it with fond memories. It's a shame that we stopped at Vol 17 cos when I think about the potential of what we had it's pretty mind blowing. Ten years later and I still have people telling me how much they love this CD and how much it meant to them.

The fact is before us there really were no mixtapes of that calibre and no one has really taken it to the next level since.

A lot of the artist that gave us exclusive tracks went on to become some of the biggest names in UK Hip-Hop and for others this CD would be the last time anyone heard from them again. That's the game I guess.

As for Answer well he went on to work for Universal/EMI and is still promoting successful club nights and me...Well I didn't do too bad either.

Whether you're hearing this for the first time or you've had this since back in the day you can't deny the quality of this mixtape. Here's to another 10 years of UK Hip-Hop.


1. The Answer & Genesis Elijah - FTP Radio Intro
2. Yungun & Mr Thing - FTP Exclusive
3. Wordsmith - In This 4 Life
4. The Colony - FTP Exclusive
5. Sway Desafo - Slo Down
6. Terra Firma Interview
7. Terra Slim - Go Go
8. TY - Oh You Want More
9. Fallacy & Rodney P - Rap Folly
10. Tommy Evans - Insomniac
11. Jehst - Give it Here feat Lewis Parker & Klashnekoff
12. Asaviour - Money In The Bank feat Jehst
13. Drama - Raise Your Glasses feat Jehst
14. Usmaan - How Can I feat Jamaal
15. Joker Starr - The Take Over
16. 2 Halves - Freedom Fighter feat Kyza, Jehst & Klashnekoff
17. Skriblah - The Inevitable feat Dime Ruff
18. Ollie Bates - Tag Team Music
19. Genesis Elijah - Road Rage feat Ahmos
20. Genesis Elijah - FTP Skit
21. O.C.B. - Gyal Like Dat
22. Dubbledge - War Of The Spirit
23. Sway Desafo - Medieval 01 feat Pyrelli
24. Bury Crew - It's Us
25. Genesis Elijah - 3rd Order (Remix) feat Skinnyman, Supar Novar & Nasser
26. Overqualified - Life feat Monessa
27. Tommy Evans Interview
28. Tommy Evans - FTP Exclusive
29. Genesis Elijah - FTP Radio Outro
30. Jehst - Run Hard (Preview)


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