Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Genesis Elijah - Dear Kanye

I wasn't even gonna release this. I sent it to The Audible Doctor as was thinking he'd be like "Hmm yeah it' good but not great..." but he loved it. So here it is.

It's really not a diss track and I don't want people to take it as such. I also don't want people thinking that I think I'm in a position to give Kanye advise. This is just my opinion from the angle of a supporter.

I am under no illusion that Kanye will ever hear it but if anything this could be a message to my future self or anyone who may one day find themselves in a position of power or influence.

Malcolm X once said to a congregation "This is 'Love Teaching', I wouldn't tell you if I didn't love you". This is the way I feel. I'm just a fan who wants to see an artist I look up to reach his potential. That's all.

Please enjoy...

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